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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 15, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we start with a story that had us glued to the tv. a boy in a balloon. he may have been in a box that was attached to the balloon. the story is still developing. this happened in fort collins, colorado. we're having some audio problems -- a balloon flying thousands of feet in the can air and believed to be carrying a child, he watched as the homemade balloon aircraft soared through the air, tossed and turned, at times tipping
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almost full tilt with all of this playing out on live tv. the colorado national guard scrambled a helicopter to effect a rescue. they also considered lowering weights on the balloon to force it down. meanwhile, on the ground police fanned out conducting their own search amid fears the child may have fallen or jumped out of the balloon. we're going to continue to follow this story about this balloon and missing 6-year-old boy from colorado on and we'll update you through this newscast as well. the wife of jim mcaa has died. the cause of death is congestive heart failure. margaret mcman northwest worked as a reporter for the evening sun newspaper and that's where she met him.
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she was 89 years old. word of a legionella outbreak at a senior city apartment complex. one person died and there are five other cases of legionnaires disease. the patients live at stadium place, a senior apartment community in the waverly area and cheryl conner is live from the city health department with more details. >> we just got an update from the city's interim health commissioner. the investigation continues at stadium place. right now health officials are not certain that the outbreak came from the apartment community or another location. there's some confusion among the seniors who live at the apartments at stadium place. >> ( indiscernible ) what's happening? >> the city and state health departments are looking into five confirmed cases of legionnaires disease. within the past few weeks four people became ill, one woman died. >> typically legionella is
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found in warm water so whether it's hot water tank or whirlpool, cooling tanks, and what happens is the bacteria is in the mist or vapors from these type of devices and so if someone inhales that and they become subject to -- they can be subject to the particular bacteria. >> reporter: legionnaires disease is similar to pneumonia where it infects the lungs, it can't be passed from person to person but the bacteria are found naturally in the environment. usually in water. juanita price says her parents received a letter from the property managers but they need more information. >> i think they should at least explain it to them in better detail. just telling them, a lot of these people are seniors, they don't understand that. they need their concerns answered. >> reporter: we talked to councilwoman mary pat clark. she says there will be a meeting at stadium place
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tomorrow morning at 11:00 to give families and residents more information. the health commissioner tells us the symptoms of legionnaires disease are cough, chills and fever. if residents have any of these symptoms they are asked to see their doctor. live in downtown baltimore, cheryl conner, abc2 news. bawct had another h1n1 vaccine clinic today. for the most at-risk populations namely children but still a lot of doubt among some people whether or not their child should have the shot in the first place. as roosevelt leftwich tells us many parents were still debating the issue even while they were in line today. >> reporter: this is what gives toddlers bad dreams. >> it's all done. i know. >> it's all over, sweetness. all over. >> reporter: city health care workers were nice and full of smiles but that didn't matter to someone like jasara. a needle is a needle no matter
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what is inside and for her family getting the h1n1 vaccine was, well a no-brainer. >> i don't have any doubts. >> why not >> >> because i haven't heard of anybody dying from getting the shot. >> reporter: other parents have doubts. they feel the h1n1 vaccine was rushed. that changed when people began to get sick. >> as news came about that the different schools, different children started getting h1n1 and it was spreading then i was more convinced to give it to him. >> kim also felt the same way at first but even once she changed her mind she wanted them to get the shot instead of the mist. sorry, kids. >> i struggled between the spray and shot. but it was important for me to get them vaccinated. >> reporter: even though there were clinical trials with thousands of people and the fact that the vaccine is made the same way every other vaccine has been made there were still doubts by many people. the kind of doubt that doctors say will leave you very ill.
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though doctors can understand the fears of some parents the clinical trials showed no adverse effects. in fact if h1n1 had popped up last winter experts say most folks would have gotten it by now anyway. >> it's the same backbone of a vaccine used to make plain old seasonal flu vaccine. and point of fact, this h1n1 vaccine would have been in that seasonal flu vaccine had it occurred in january or so, when, january, february when the regular seasonal was being made up. >> reporter: the city health department hopes to vaccinate more than a thousand people before the day is over. shots or mist, it all does the same thing. in baltimore, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> the poor babies. tomorrow there will be two h1n1 flu clinics in bk. one at general john stricker middle school, the other at old court middle school at 10:00 a.m.
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baltimore county. for more details go to, click on the link that said maryland h1n1 flu response. the latest on health care reform. the speaker of the house is vowing that the controversial public option will be a part of a bill passed by the house. meanwhile, on capitol hill today lawmakers heard testimony from those who are without health insurance. they shared their stories to urge congress to reform health care. >> they said that if i would get sterilized they would then be able to offer insurance to me. >> lawmakers are working to merge the senate finance committee's newly passed bill with earlier versions passed by both houses. the main source of conflict over the bill, whether the final version should include a public option. the president wants a bill by the end of the year. now to a developing story, convicted sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled for execution next month and his lawyer plans to ask virginia's governor for clemency. his attorney will file a request next thursday. he also plans to file an appeal with the u.s. supreme court.
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mohammed, mastermind the 2002 sniper attacks in the baltimore/washington area that left 10 people dead. it terrorized this whole community. he was sentenced to death for the murder of dean meyers who was shot at a manassas gas station. his accomplice, lee boyd malvo, is serving a life sentence. the fbi wants your help finding a serial bank robber, he may be to blame for the robbery at the m & t bank in baltimore on south charles street and the first mariner on north charles street, also downtown. in both cases there was a note that threatened to kill the teller. call the fbi baltimore office at 410-265-8080 if you have any information. an update on the breaking news we first told you about last night at 11:00. two people were hurt when an ambulance and car collided in downtown baltimore. crews tell us the ambulance flipped over just before 11:00 last night. it happened at the intersection of st. paul street and east lexington street.
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we have no word yet on the condition of the two people involved. across the region today very wet day outside and combined with the chilly temperatures really made it feel raw. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we're tracking the heavier rainfall we saw throughout the day making its way towards the north and east but there's more in store. 44 degrees for the next couple hours. the overnight low is not going to be a lot cooler than that but out to the west of us they could see some snow and we could see some snow in the baltimore region. we'll tell you when, coming up in a couple of minutes. no you did not. if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer johns hopkins bayview wants you to know they are here to help. they hosted a cancer fair today for the community. open to the public. informed the community about the treatment programs and services it offers cancer patients. >> we want the community to be a little more involved and aware of what are the things that that they can do in
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looking for cancer, what can they or family members who have cancer or are concerned about that, what resources are available to them. >> the hospital says it hopes to offer hope to patients struggling with the diagnosis. this month is dedicated to awareness of one particular type of cancer. a a local breast cancer survivor shares her story tonight and shows us how she's helping others battling the same disease. i mean that was the first time i've ever seen like that, in an accident. that's the first time i've ever done it. >> pretty cool, huh? how that little boy saved his teacher's life and it's a place where you'll only know at least five people at a time. where you can meet up with old friends and dine on a dime. appr
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now we're just days away from komen race for the cure and all of us at
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abc2 are thinking pink. we've been doing so all week. kelly swoope is live in studio b with more on how you can get involved, also to answer questions about breast cancer. >> we have folks from franklin square hospital, good samaritan and harbor hospital, have been taking calls all day long as we think pink. 410-481-2222 to ask any questions you may have about breast cancer, treatment, concerns, options. while this is a disease that doesn't discriminate there are some despairities. >> 15 years ago was my first diagnosis, in 1994, and then i was rediagnosed two years ago. >> reporter: dale cager is a two of had time breast cancer survivor. just 36 years old when diagnosed. four years shy of the recommended age for yearly ma'am grams but she was motivated to act before she turned 40.
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>> my sister died from breast cancer. that pressed me to, you know, go press my way to start the mem grams. i was rejacked by the doctors but nonetheless i pressed my way. >> reporter: she was aware of the disparity when it comes to african-american women and breast cancer. deaths from breast cancer are 40% higher in black women. it's often found later and at a more advanced stage. >> i think they are scared, probably health insurance reasons. and a lot of times they spend time trying to diagnose themselves and being in denial. saying i can get by. >> reporter: using her personal story dale started a foundation, hats off eradicate breast cancer. she's there for financial and moral support as well as encouragement. >> basically they may not have the income to sustain them through a crisis of breast cancer diagnosis. some women needed a bge bill paid, utility bills paid, i pay
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for them out-of-pocket. a woman just needed some groceries so i feel by helping them i am covered. i am blessed. to give back. to someone. >> reporter: da lehad a double mastectomy and is still standing strong. she says she has much to live for. her home filled with family photos. two young grandchildren, children she wants to see grow up. >> i don't have control over everything that happens, and my life as far as health, but i will do my best to try to prevent this disease from taking me out. i'm a survivor. even if this cancer comes back and it comes back in another part of my body i feel i'm still a survivor. >> reporter: komen maryland is very familiar with the despairities when it comes to breast cancer.
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rebecca mccoy joins us from komen maryland. tell us about the community profile. >> we just completed a study, really, looking at the state of breast cancer in maryland in our service area. we found some startling statistics. we are fifth in the nation for breast cancer death rates. it's really interesting because we don't have a higher incident rate than national, that means that even though women aren't being diagnosed more often in maryland they are dying more often. that is really concerning especially since we have so many wonderful resources here, so many wonderful medical institutions. we also found as you were just saying, a lot of disparities in maryland, in african-american women, and across the country, are more likely to die of breast cancer if diagnosed with it. again, it's not more likely they will be diagnosed with breast cancer but once they have it the outcome is often poorer. so, a lot of different disturbing things that we're finding and we're trying to figure out some ways that we can help the community and
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really try to turn some of those things around. >> i know, we have the big race this weekend. >> that's right. race for the cure. rain or shine. this sunday. we suggest you get there early so you can get good parking. so you can see our survivors parade of pink. and enjoy all the festivities as well as the race and the walk. >> reporter: and the money raised here? >> most of this stays here. i think that's what is unique about komen maryland. 75% of the funds we raise at the race for the cure stay here in maryland. we fund local programs. offer screenings for assistance, when families and women are going through treatment. really, all kinds of amazing programs. 25% of the funds do go to our national headquarters for research. and a lot of that ends up coming back here again to some of the wonderful medical institutions that are doing amazing research to fight breast cancer, find the cure.
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>> reporter: rebecca, great talking to you. you got to get the phones ringing. 410-481-222. the experts med star health are standing by to take your calls and concerns about breast cancer. back to you. >> you were in the pink today. >> we're thinking pink. the nice folks at harbor hospital had a nice shirt. the problem is it's a woman's shirt. >> we couldn't tell. >> there's a reason for that. even though this is something that normally afflicts women it can also afflict men. we want to make you aware of that and that is why i figured i would - >> i think it's 1%. >> exactly. but the possibility is still there. we'll have the complete forecast and a look at the big race on sunday which could be a little on the dicey side. >> a little? >> yeah. >> let's look outside now. your shot from harbor cam, a little bit of light shower
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activity and some drizzle around the region. our temperature now 46 degrees at bwi marshall. 93% humidity. kind of breezy out there from the northeast at 14. pressure steady at 29.78. there are the tides at fort mchenry. low tide occurs exactly at noontime. your high tide 6:01 in the evening. winds tomorrow from the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. sun coming up at 7:17. sets 6:26. a coastal flood advisory for harford county, southern baltimore county, anne arundel county, all the counties to the south as well as around the tidal potomac area near dc and also over on the eastern shore. delaware, new jersey as well as the maryland beaches. that is a coastal flood warning because of these areas of low pressure moving through the region. we'll show you those in a second. temperatures across the area now -- 41 york. 36 oakland. 54 pax river. easton 48. ocean city 61. satellite and radar picture throughout the day, all the shower activity we were telling you about yesterday moving through the region throughout the day today. now there are several areas of low pressure, actually there's
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one here, one here, there's one here. and there's one out in the atlantic. and what is going to be happening is as these move across the region they will generate rainfall very much like what we had. take a look at the map. no, you're not seeing things. that is freezing rain and sleet in northern pennsylvania, southern portions of new york and new york city they are seeing freezing rain and sleet, north of new york city. we could see some in our forecast now. earlier this afternoon we had heavier rainfall moving through. it will continue that way basically on and off throughout most of the evening. temperaturewise now in reisterstown 43. 41 glenwood. laurel 43. 48 in huntingtown in southern maryland. chestertown 47. the heaviest rain remains to the north of us as it makes its way north and east. overnight and during the day tomorrow, scattered showers, on the light side but the heavy
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areas of precipitation caused by that area of low pressure will cause more rainfall on the eastern shore. here's your forecast for the overnight period -- periods of rain, 42 for the low. during the day tomorrow showers, breezy, wind from the north at 10 to 20. 48 degrees for the daytime high. look at the ex -- extended outlook for the next seven days. for the start of the komen race we could see sleet mixed with rainfall because of the overnight low of 38 degrees but you'll see clearing with sun in the afternoon. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunshine with gradually warming temperatures. for the komen race on sunday, showers, breezy, 38 degrees. dress accordingly. we'll be right back with more on the weather. a 10-year-old autistic boy is being called a hero after saving his teacher's life. sherry lowe teaches art at hyde elementary school in houston. lowe was in her classroom with 10-year-old kyle "forbes" eating an apple when she started choking. "forbes" performed theheim lick
5:23 pm
maneuver on her, he said he learned it in cub scouts. >> i was choking. he squeezes me like that. the first time it didn't work. so he said, i got it, he does it again. does it the right way. the apple came out. >> lets get to the interview interview with the hero thing, ok? ok, let's do that. do you feel like a hero? >> i do. i mean, that was the first time i had seen someone's life in an accident. that's the first time i've ever done it. >> oh, my gosh. he's precious. lowe calls kyle her hero. definitely a title, as you can tell he's pretty happy to accept. and deservedly so. it's time you started lending a hand. everyone's doing it. even your favorite tv characters. how abc is using the airwaves to get you to volunteer. and two airlines may be facing safety fines. find out why.
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>> we're live with call to breast health. who is a good candidate for reconstructive breast surgery? >> any woman who is interested in restoring the form of their breast is a candidate in my opinion. it just takes interest, really. >> now you can have it done the same time. talk about that. >> you can. many women opt to have their breast reconstructed at the time they have their breast removed due to cancer. options today allow us to replace a breast with either their natural breast tissue or their natural body tissue. immediately, so that when they come in with a breast they essentially leave the hospital with a breast. >> i imagine that is good emotionally and mentally. >> it is. i think it goes a long way for the emotional component to this. >> doctor, thank you very much.
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now a look ahead to abc2 news at 5:30. i'm terry owens. wall street versus main street. the dow reaching 10,000 points yesterday. what does that mean for the average joe? concern over a rise in food prices. we'll tell you when and by how much. coming up. those stories plus norm's wet and chilly forecast straight ahead. news around the nation takes to us texas, a huge fire destroyed a mansion. it broke out last night at a home owned by a well known cardiologist. the doctor's wife was home at the time. she was able to get out safely. firefighters worked to keep the fire from spreading to nearby houses. there's still no word on what caused the fire. and check this out. an amazing image ofman player
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lebron james in an ohio cornfield. farmers at little darby creek at milford center created the nine-acre maze which shows james dunking a basketball and it's attracting a lot of tourists. farmers say the family loves the cavaliers and watching lebron james play. we'll be right back.
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